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We specialize in helping small business owner's &  self employed individual's prepare and file both their federal and state income tax and state sales taxes.


Piterak's Accounting & Tax Services is a full-service accounting firm serving clients throughout the Yorba Linda, California area.

For over 30 years we have been providing our small business clients with professional, personalized services and guidance

in a wide range of accounting, bookkeeping and business tax needs.

Dear Fellow Taxpayers,

Why do you need a full time tax professional on your side?  Because in America today, taxes are the single biggest expense we face in our lifetime!

The average American will pay more in taxes than they will spend for food, shelter and clothing combined! (Sales, Excise, Fuel, State and Federal Income Taxes, combined equal or exceed 50% of the average Americanís income)

That's a very sobering statistic, isn't it? That's why you need a full time tax professional on your side! 

If you are in business for yourself, you must be extra careful when completing your tax returns; in fact, tax reduction should be a daily activity for you.

I specialize in helping my clients maximize their deductions and reduce their taxes to the legal minimum and I want to help you too.

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Thank you.


Lisa A. Piterak

Lisa A. Piterak, E.A.


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Over 20 Years of Business Tax Experience

  • Corporate & Partnership Tax Preparation

  • Small Business Tax Preparation

  • Payroll Quarterly Reports

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll Processing

  • Audit Representation

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  • Controller - on - Call 

  • Software Support/Coaching 

  • Estates & Trusts

  • Gifts

  • Personal Tax Returns

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